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Past Progressive Interactive Worksheet

Practice and reinforce your understanding of the Past Progressive tense with this interactive worksheet. Through a series of 30 sentences, you will be challenged to fill in the blanks with the correct past progressive verb forms. Test your knowledge and accuracy as you complete each sentence. At the end, check your answers and calculate your score to gauge your progress in mastering the Past Progressive tense.

Student Instructions:

  1. Read each sentence carefully.

  2. Determine the correct form of the verb in the Past Progressive tense.

  3. Fill in the blank with the appropriate verb.

  4. Once you have completed all the sentences, click the "Show your test result" button to check your answers.

  5. Your score will be displayed, indicating the percentage of correct answers.

  6. Take note of any incorrect answers and review the correct forms.

  7. Use the provided "Correct answer" hints to reinforce your understanding.

  8. Share your score with your teacher by clicking the "Send to your teacher by WhatsApp" button.

Enjoy practicing the Past Progressive tense and strive for accuracy in expressing actions and events in the past!

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