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Past Simple Interactive Worksheet

Enhance your grasp of the past simple tense through this engaging and interactive worksheet. The past simple tense is a fundamental aspect of English grammar, and this worksheet will help you solidify your understanding and usage of this tense. Designed specifically for ESL learners, this worksheet offers 30 thoughtfully curated questions to assess your knowledge of the past simple tense.

Student Instructions: Put your knowledge to the test with the following questions. Each question presents a sentence with a blank space. Your task is to fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb in the past simple tense. Take your time to carefully consider each question and provide your response in the input field provided. Once you have completed all the questions, click the "Show your test result" button to instantly receive feedback on your answers and see your overall score. Feel free to send the worksheet and your results to your teacher via WhatsApp using the provided button


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