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לימוד אנגלית: Phrasal Verbs

נא להשלים את כל השאלות וללחוץ על הכפתור הירוק לשלוח למורה שלכם.

לפני תחילת התרגיל, אנא עברו על רשימת ה-Phrasal verbs ומשמעותם שלהלן:

figure out: to understand or solve a problem.

set up: to establish or arrange something.

come in: to enter a place.

find out: to discover or obtain information about something.

put up with: to tolerate or endure someone or something unpleasant.

run out of: to use up all of something so that there is none left.

clean up: to tidy or clean a place.

show up: to arrive or appear.

check out: to examine or investigate; to leave a hotel by paying the bill.

take up: to start a new hobby, activity, or study.

give up: to stop trying; surrender.

warm up: to prepare for physical activity; to become warmer.

break down: to stop functioning (e.g., a machine or a vehicle).

go down: to decrease; to descend.

calm down: to become less excited or tense; to relax.

get in: to enter or board a vehicle or a place.

drop off: to deliver or leave something at a specific location.

break in: to wear something new until it becomes more comfortable.

work out: to exercise; to solve or figure out a problem.

look up: to search for information in a reference book or online.


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