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Present Progressive Practice Interactive Worksheet

Practice and enhance your understanding of the Present Progressive tense with this comprehensive worksheet. The Present Progressive, also known as the Present Continuous, is used to describe actions that are happening at the present moment. This worksheet consists of 30 thoughtfully crafted questions that require you to apply the correct form of verbs in the Present Progressive tense. Through engaging exercises, you will sharpen your grammar skills and develop a solid grasp of verb conjugation. At the end of the worksheet, you can check your results and receive instant feedback on your performance. This interactive learning resource offers an opportunity to reinforce your knowledge and progress in your language learning journey. Take a step forward in mastering the Present Progressive tense and elevate your English proficiency.

Student Instructions:

  1. Read each sentence carefully.

  2. Fill in the blank with the appropriate form of the verb in the Present Progressive tense.

  3. Pay attention to the subject and the verb tense.

  4. Avoid spelling mistakes and be mindful of capitalization.

  5. Once you have completed all the questions, click on the "Show Your Test Result" button to see your score.

  6. Review your incorrect answers and learn from your mistakes.

  7. Use the "Send Your Results to Your Teacher by WhatsApp" button to share your score with your teacher.

סיכום החוק:

Present Progressive - am,is,are + ing

כשהפועל קורה עכשיו או כשאנחנו יודעים בערך מתי הוא מסתיים


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